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AeronFX FAQs

When do I need to verify my account?
Account verification is only required to withdraw funds from your account - it's extra information required to verify your identity.  

Once you have successfully registered and see your account dashboard you DO NOT NEED TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT to instantly:

· Deposit money to your account through our secure payment gateways.

· Trade AeronFX's 1000+ markets

For further details, please contact our support team via or by live chat.

How to make a deposit?
Payment Methods
Depositing into your account is easy, all you have to do is log in to your platform dashboard, which is your personal area where you can manage your trading account, and click on `Deposit´ (on the left sidebar).

Select account and choose payment method.

You will receive an email confirming the deposit.

Minimum initial deposits
Minimum deposit is dependent on the account type and choice of base-currency.

Costs and fees
We do not charge any fees for deposits regardless of payment method.

Third-party payments

We do not accept payments from any third parties due to Anti-money Laundering Regulations. The same applies to withdrawals, we can only send money back to the depositing person.
How much do you charge for deposit?
We do not charge any fees for deposits regardless of payment method.
How do I transfer between my accounts?
On the MT5 desktop, open up the navigator. You can switch between the accounts you have already logged into in the accounts tab. Please note you must have opened the account on MT5 before it appears in the navigator tab.
Where is my sign-up bonus?
Registration bonuses may be offered at select times - all sign-up bonus terms are be agreed at point of account creation. If you have accepted the terms, and not received a bonus within 24 hours, please contact our support team via or by live chat.

If no bonus was offered as part of your account creation, a registration bonus is not applicable.  

Other bonuses may be available to support and grow your trading. To see the current offers and eligibility, please refer to the current promotion terms & conditions.
What is my margin call?
Your margin call is at 100% margin level, you will be stopped out at 50% margin level.

This will vary depending on the account.
How to make a withdrawal?
Log in to your platform dashboard and click ‘withdrawal’
What is the minimum withdrawal?
$100 (or 100 units)
Is there a bonus for Joining AeronFX?
AeronFX occasionally offers bonuses to help traders get the most from the platform and markets, these can include bonuses for registration and/or deposits. To see the current offers and eligibility, please refer to the latest promotion terms & conditions.
Can I share or re-use wallet addresses for deposits
Wallet addresses are generated in-system with each deposit. You should not share any address you receive. These are one-use addresses which expire after a set period of time.

Trading with AeronFX

How do I open a live trading account with AeronFx?
To create a live account with AeronFx, simply click the link below and follow the steps on screen.

Saint Vincents and The Grenadines

What is the difference between the Standard and the Raw Spread Accounts?
The difference between the standard and raw accounts are;

Raw — Raw spreads + $6 comm

Standard — Spreads from 0.5 + Zero comm
Can I have multiple trading accounts with AeronFX?
At AeronFX we allow you to have more than one account.
What time does Aeronfx rollover occur?
22:00 UK Time or 00:00 MT5 Server time.
What are the trading hours for gold and silver?
XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUUSD: Monday - Friday 01:01 - 23:57.
How many currency pairs does AeronFX offer?
We offer 50 currency pairs.
Which other instruments does Aeronfx offer?
AeronFX also offers Indices, Cryptos, Equities, Commodities and Sport CFDs.
How do I deposit money into my trading account?
Log into your account, click ‘deposit’ in the wallet section of your dashboard, then follow the steps on screen.
How long does it take for funds to appear in my live trading account?
Approximately 10 minutes.
Does AeronFX offer trading advice?
We are unable to offer any trading advice and cannot provide any support that may influence your decisions.
How do I add funds to my demo trading account?
When you create a demo account, you can choose from various balance options. As tempting as it is on to add an unrealistic amount to a demo account, AeronFX recommends you keep your balance realistic to give yourself the most beneficial and realistic experience before trading on a live account.
What documents do I have to provide to AeronFX to verify a live trading account?
All you need is a Passport, driving licence, or Identity card with your photo on it. Please remember that verification is only required to be done on withdrawal. 
How do I open a Demo Account?
To open a Demo Account please click on the following link:
What is the minimum amount needed to open a trading account?
There is no minimum amount needed to open an account with Aeron FX, however the minimum deposit amount is $10 for all accounts.
What leverage does AeronFX offer?
AeronFX offers up to 500:1. This will be at the discretion of the risk managment department.
What time does Aeronfx open and close its prices?
Monday - Friday 00:01-23:58

Monday - Sunday - 00:00 - 22:59 ; 23:05 -24:00

Football CFDs: 
Monday - Saturday 00:00 - 24:00 Sunday 00:00 - 05:45 ; 06:45 - 24:00

CAC40: Monday - Friday 09:01-22:59
CNA50- Monday - Friday 04:01 - 11:30 ; 12:00 - 23:44
DAX40: Monday - Friday 01:00 - 23:57
DXY: Monday - Friday 01:40 - 22:59
ESP35: Monday - Friday 09:01 - 20:59
ESX50: Monday - Friday 09:01 - 22:59
AUS200: Monday - Friday 01:50 - 08:29, 09:10 - 22:58
HSI50: Monday - Friday 03:16 - 06:00, 07:00 - 10:30, 11:15 - 21:59
WS30: Monday - Friday 01:00 - 23:57
JPN225: Monday - Friday 01:00 - 23:57
NAS100: Monday - Friday 01:00 - 23:57
SMI20: Monday - Friday 09:01 - 22:59
SP500: Monday - Friday 01:00 - 23:57
UK100: Monday - Friday 01:00 - 23:57
Spot Brent Oil: Monday 01:00-23:58 Tuesday - Friday 03:00-23:55
Spot Crude Oil: Monday - Friday 01:00-23:57
Spot Natural Gas: Monday - Friday 01:00-23:57
XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUUSD: Monday - Friday 01:01-23:57

Why did my trade stop out below 50%?
At AeronFX our margin stop out level is 50%, which means that if your account drops to or below 50% of the margin required to have trades on, the platform will automatically start closing your open positions.
Will I be charged an inactivity fee if I stop trading?
Yes, if you are inactive on your account for 90 days, you will be charged $5 per month.
Are demo accounts the same as live accounts?
Demo accounts are designed to help traders familiarise themselves with the trading platform before trading real money on a live account. Yes, they are similar to one another, but demo accounts are purely for educational and evaluation purposes, while live accounts allow you to trade your own money.
Can I lose real money whilst trading on a demo account?
No you can not lose any real money whilst trading on a demo account. The demo account contains uses virtual money and is risk-free.
Where can I find the swap rates?
Swap rates can be found in the trading platform. Right-click on the asset in the ‘market watch’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click into symbols, then scroll down and the swap rates will be shown. They will be listed with the Swap Type, Swap Long and Swap Short.
How many Stocks CFDs do you offer?
We offer over 800 stock CFDs.
If I am experiencing problems trading, can I place an order over the phone?
AeronFX cannot open new positions over the phone. If you experience any issues with the platform while trading, contact our support team via webchat for assistance.
Do AeronFx offer negative balance protection?
AeronFx does not offer negative balance protection.

Trading on MT5

How do I download the MT5 Desktop platform?
You can download the MetaTrader 5 desktop platform by clicking on the following link below:
MT5 Desktop Download Link
What is the difference between the Standard and the Raw Spread Accounts?
The difference between the standard and raw accounts are;

Raw — Raw spreads + $6 comm

Standard — Spreads from 0.5 + Zero comm
Can I have multiple trading accounts with AeronFX?
At AeronFX we allow you to have more than one account.
How do I access the MT5 web trader?
You can open the web trader by clicking the ‘Web trader’ tab on the left-hand side of your AeronFX account or by clicking on the link below:
MT5 Web Trader
My MetaTrader 5 platform shows the message ‘Trade Context is Busy’. What does this mean?
‘Trade Context is Busy’ is a common MT5 error. It occurs because the platform cannot process multiple requests simultaneously and is simple to fix. Just close and reopen your MetaTrader 5 trading platform. For further information, please refer to our MetaTrader 5 error code guide, which outlines common MetaTrader 5 error messages.
Why do my swap rates triple for positions held over rollover on a Wednesday?
If you hold an open position over Wednesday night, the amount credited to or charged from your account due to the swap rate is three times the usual amount. Triple swap rates are charged during the rollover period on Wednesday night to account for the settlement of trades over the weekend, during which no swap rates are charged due to market closure.
Why can I not see all the instruments in the Market Watch window?
To see all instruments simply right-click on the ‘market watch’ box and click ‘show all’.
To open a Demo Account please click on the following link:
How do I change the time on my charts?
Click on Charts - Timeframes then choose which timeframe you want.
Where can I find information about the swap rates?
Our swap rates can be found in ‘Market Watch’. Right-click on an instrument and click ‘Specifications’. Scroll down to see swap rates.
Why can I not log into my demo account?
Demo accounts will expire after 14 days of inactivity. If your demo account is still active, check that you are using the correct account number, password, and server. These details can be found in the email you received when you first opened the account.

Alternatively, check your platform credentials in the secure Client Area.
Why is my expert advisor (EA) not taking any trades?
In order for expert advisor (EA) to function on MetaTrader 5, you must click on the ‘Expert Advisors' button in your Trade terminal.
Why do I get the message ‘invalid account’?
An ‘Invalid account’ error occurs when your username or password is incorrect. This can also happen if you have selected the wrong server address. Please check your account details and ensure you are connected to the correct server before trying again.
How do I download the MT5 mobile app?
To easily download the MetaTrader 5 mobile app, just click on the link below that corresponds to your device:

MetaTrader 5 Android

MetaTrader 5 iOS

Trading Forex & CFDs

What does ‘spread’ mean?
The spread is the difference between the Sell and the Buy price.
What does ‘margin’ mean and how is this calculated?
Margin is the money you need in your account to open a position. Margin is calculated on the price of the base currency against USD, the size (volume) of the trade you wish to place, and the leverage attributed to your trading account.

If there is not enough free equity available, you won’t be able to open a trade on the platform. If you wish to place more trades, the free margin showing in your account must be enough to open the trade.

Margin is calculated by:

Margin required = (current market price x volume) / Account leverage.
What happens if I have no free margin left in my account?
Your trades will be stopped out if you have no margin left. Your balance could become negative if the losses on your stopped out trades are greater than your balance.
What is AeronFX margin stop out level?
AeronFX has a stop out level of 50%.
What is the minimum lot size that I can trade?
The minimum lot size tradable is 0.01.
What is the AeronFX margin for Sports CFDs?
The margin rate for Sports CFDs is 100:1.

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